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Start your business at less costs

24Per month billed annually

Import up to 500 products

1 Language prodct description

Sync product availability every 24 hours

1 Stores integration

1$ per–order fee

Training tips via Emai

Email support


Everything you need to success

108 Per month billed annually

Import up to 10,000 products

2 Languages prodct description

Sync product availability every 12 hours

2 Stores integration

0$ per–order fee

Online Training Sessions

Chat and Email support


For firms with annual sales over 1 million $


Access to unlimited products

4 Languages product description

Sync product availability real time

Unlimited Stores integration

0$ per–order fee

Special training sessions

Dedicated success manager


Which languages are supported?

The administrative interface, products information & invoices can be in four or two of the languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, & French.

What is meant by stock products qty?

For integrated stores, Our system will update your store automatically with quantities once a day, or once an hour – depending on your plan.

What is meant by price automation & price structure?

Price automation: Allows you to customize the margins you want as a retailer and automatically apply them to wholesale prices.
Price structure: a custom mechanism to manage the product pricing strategy and to determine the ratios of discounts and offers according to strict financial criteria (product type, product cost, competitor prices, …..)

How long are your contracts?

Knawat plans are paid monthly or yearly. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time.

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