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Training and development

Your success drives our success, so we’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to promote your store. We will periodically send tips on e-marketing skills to help increase your sales. Your business will grow exponentially even if you’re currently lacking experience.

A complete package designed especially to suit your needs

Direct Shipping

We handle your sales orders and ship directly to your customers anywhere in the world. We save you money to increases your margins, especially for multiple-item orders. We pack and ship with an invoice bearing your business name.

The Latest Fashions

We update our database weekly with the latest fashions from our massive network of suppliers. You’ll become your customers’ go-to source for the hottest trends weeks before your competition has access.

Quantity Auto-Update

Our “Real Time Sync” system performs automated daily quantity updates for the products you sell. No more disappointing customers with canceled orders – your store will only reflect items that are ready to ship.



Knawat gives you the opportunity to start your business or grow your existing company risk-free. Your subscription to Knawat does not involve any extended contracts or future obligations. You can end your service at any time and without any conditions.


The product descriptions are available in four languages: Turkish, English, Arabic,French. Your sales opportunities will no longer be hindered by geography or language barriers.

Pay after you sell

With our drop-shipping system, you don’t pay us until the customer has paid you. No need to stockpile costly inventory, just pay us the wholesale cost and keep your own profit.

Store Integration

We will integrate our database of suppliers and products directly with your existing online store.


Worldwide Shipping

There are always emerging markets and new customers who will need exactly what your store sells. When you partner with Knawat, geography will no longer be a concern. We process and ship your customer’s products all over the world.

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